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Custom Software Questions

You use technology and software because it has proven to make your life easier and your company more profitable.  There are many reasons for developing custom software (see this article for examples).  Most businesses look to the tools immediately available to them.  In terms of packaged software this usually includes excel or access, or other generic office type tools and CRM's etc.. filed into various folders on employees computers. As your company grows, the dynamics of how you do business and handle your data changes as well.  In most instances, companies find their business processes are now being limited by their technology instead of aided by it.  Your business is a custom dynamic enterprise and custom peice of software can be shaped by your requirements to fit your needs, helping you run your business by giving you back time through automation, money through less waste of resources, better organization through central storage of your virtual assets, as well as many other benefits that will make your life easier so you can get back to doing the business you love.


We can help you through every step of the software development life cycle, from analyzing your business processes and gathering requirements, through implementing it at your location and supporting it.  You will own the product you design and all rights to it to do with as you please from taking your business to another company to continue the evolution of your product, or even putting the product you've created on the market to benefit other businesses.  You don't have to worry about the technical aspects (unless you want too).  We have the skill set to turn your vision into a reality.  With years of experience and many successful projects that are still running businesses today, Nephos Integration is equipped and ready to help you through every aspect of building a custom solution for your business, turning your vision into a reality.

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